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 Non-Invasive Anaemia Diagnostic Test for Young Girls – Winners 



Won Anaemia Diagnostic Test for Young Girls | Prize: US$ 1,500 (Rs. 1 lakh)

Naandi Foundation is seeking a non invasive, on-the-go, low-cost and scalable haemogram that provides on the spot diagnosis of anemia together with a compliance mechanism for the follow-up drugs. 

Challenge sponsored by Naandi Foundation

Prevalence of anemia (measured by hemoglobin level in the blood) is high among adolescents in India. While the problem exists for both boys and girls, it is especially detrimental for female populations because of the childbearing role they play later in life. In order for a woman to be safe from maternity/pregnancy-related complications and to ensure the health of their child, it is essential that she is not anemic.

There is currently no comprehensive, up-to-date dataset regarding the prevalence of anemia in adolescent girls in India, which negatively affects the ability for healthcare organizations to provide urgent care and design preventive actions. The last such dataset was created by a survey conducted by the Government of India in 2011. One of the reasons periodic hemoglobin measurement of girls is not conducted on a large scale is the cumbersome method of measuring hemoglobin. Typically this involves pricking the fingertip of the girl and drawing a drop of blood. The invasive nature of the procedure – the act of pricking itself – is widely disliked by girls and as a result they don’t come forward willingly to get the test done.  In addition, after the drop of blood is drawn, there are different ways in which it can be tested for hemoglobin levels, including very complicated procedures (like the one followed by the government health department) that involve mixing some reagents and waiting for color change. A relatively easier method is using Hemocue equipment, which has a digital display. The invasive testing process has the additional complication of requiring the disposal of bio-waste.

Naandi Foundation is looking for innovative solutions for a simpler method of testing for hemoglobin levels in the blood. This solution should be non-invasive, quick, low-cost, scalable; should not require skilled health personnel; and should not create bio-waste.

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